Kukkumiskaitse.ee is made for people who always want's to finish their work at heights. It doesn't matter if you are an CEO in a construction company, farmer, you are working high on the roofs but sometimes also deep in some wells, You want to buy some new safety equipment for Your workers, You want to rent some specific items, You want to train your crew or just to have a consultation?  
Anyway, You are in the right place, Welcome!


You will find the widest range of safety equipment for working at heights from our e-shop. 


We offer trainings for everyone who works on rooftops, masts, wells, confined spaces etc. We are also offering trainings for scaffolders.

We can also carry out works at height with our crew.


Did you know that you have to send all of your equipment for working at heights to a manufacturer's detailed inspection at least once in every 12 months? 
KukkumisKaitse OÜ is competent to inspect lots of equipment from different manufacturers.